Sunday, October 25, 2015

Pumpkin Spice Waffles

Yes, I'm a member of the pumpkin spice club. Here's Sunday morning brunch (with eggs). Easy to make, totally worth it!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Spartan Tri Tip Chili

As I continue my quest for tomato recipes, and in combination with the hubby's weekly manager's special finds in the meat department, I found this awesome tri tip chili recipe (also known as Texas chili). It has over 20 ingredients (plus I added black beans), but it was well worth it; onions and tomatoes were from our garden. Cut up the tri-tip into cubes and put everything in the crockpot  the night before. It was our first cold and rainy day of the fall season, so it really hit the spot when we came home from work. Topped with a little cheddar cheese, avocado and sour cream, this one gets a thumbs up and perfect for any party. Plus, I just like the name "Spartan chili"--a man's chili. :D

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Zucchini-Oat Chocolate Chip Cookies

I'm nearing the end of zucchini  recipes, but I found this one on Pinterest last week and have already made it twice in 3 days (by special request). :) These taste like oatmeal cookies...mostly. You want to eat more of them because you "know" they're so much healthier with the zucchini. ;) If I can't finish up the last of the zucchini this week, I'll probably do it again. [Also made the zucchini crust pizza a third time this weekend as well. I think I'm finally getting that one perfected.]

Creamy Tomato Bisque

Prepare!! Tomato recipes are here. :)  I used the food processor to make about 6-8 cups of pureed tomatoes for this AMAZING soup. The cloves really made it unique and delicious. I added time I will add dill which is my favorite version. I also added onion from our garden (as were the tomatoes). We also had ham and cheddar paninis (aka "Grilled Cheese"). The whole meal felt like we went out to a deli for dinner. Definitely will be making this one again. :)

Greek Tzatziki Sauce

Well, it's the end of the week, so that means leftovers. This has been a fun week for cooking. Yesterday was Greek night...I'll be posting 3 separate recipes-1. Greek Lamb Gyros, 2. Tzatziki 3. Tabouleh

Super easy to make! I used fat free regular yogurt. I only wish I had used fresh dill--that's what makes it *pop!*. I used up the cucumbers and tomatoes from garden in both the Tzatziki and the Tabouleh. 

Friday, October 16, 2015

Greek Lamb Gyros

Well, it's the end of the week, so that means leftovers. This has been a fun week for cooking. Yesterday was Greek night...I'll be posting 3 separate recipes-1. Greek Lamb Gyros, 2. Tzatziki 3. Tabouleh

The lamb was one of our famous manager's specials. The hubby bought chops, so I cut the meat off the fat and bones and cubed it. This particular choice of meat made the gyros incredible. We also had cucumbers and tomatoes from the garden that needed to be used up. Perfect. :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

(Mostly) Quick and Easy Zucchini Pie

As we transition from zucchini to tomato recipes, I managed to find another combination of the two. This was tonight's dinner and can we say-Yum! I ended up adding tomatoes, mushrooms, pepper, and a little oregano and put it in my 14x9 baking dish. I also used mozerella instead of parmesan (because that's what I had) and shredded fiesta cheese. I love my food processor's slicer/shredder attachment; I had sliced zucchini in minutes.  Of course the boys had to add Frank's Hot sauce, cuz you know they "put that stuff on everything". :)  I think if you added a little ground beef or sausage, this would make a great breakfast casserole dish that was fairly healthy (I replaced the canola with olive oil). Definitely a nice recipe to have on hand for visitors. :)

Fresh Spaghetti Sauce

Are you tired of posts about zucchini yet? Well, I can't say I'm quite done with that, but I can promise a plethora of tomato recipes next because hubby's garden exploded. Here is the first one--and I was absolutely delicious, and, well, technically a zucchini recipe too because I chopped it up real fine in the food processor (with onions and mushrooms) and added it to the sauce. No one seemed to notice. :) This was an absolutely amazing flavor. I left out the sugar-maybe the onions helped to sweeten it, but my boys don't really care for a sweet sauce anyway. I also added oregano and pepper. Served it with sliced, spicy brats and ground turkey and regular spaghetti. Definitely a keeper. :)  Next up tomato soup and pizza sauce.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Zucchini Fritters with Dill Avocado Dip

Last night we had a delicious salmon stuffed with lobster and cream cheese. I paired it up with a different version of zucchini fritters with a dill avocado dollops---oh so good. The teenager was not with us so it was a nice "stay-date" (stay at home date--similar to a stay-cation). Not much to add to this one, the recipe and meat selection really speak for themselves. :)

**Mine was not dairy free--I added Helmans and a little bit of lemon juice and salt. I also included the dill as suggested by the first recipe webpage. **

Baked Swiss Steak

The hubby went to the store this weekend and it looks like another week of "manager's special surprise" (meats).  Tonight it is going to be tenderized steaks (pre-seasoned) and the lucky winner is---Taste of Home for their baked Swiss Steak recipe. I think the teenager is just happy it's a zucchini free night, although he managed to wolf down the zucchini disguised as brownies. :)  This one would be an easy slow cooker meal; if I ever get this surprise meat again, I will probably try other variations. *The onions and tomatoes came straight from our garden--yum!
[The hubby doesn't like green peppers which is traditionally what I associate with swiss steak, so I have to think outside of the box.]

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Creamy Chicken, Broccoli and Quinoa Bake

My husband managed to buy 9 lbs of chicken as well as bring home more vegetables from the garden. I was browsing baked chicken recipes and came across this one....I ended up doubling the recipe and making a pan with chicken breasts and one with thighs so that we'd have enough for lunches and leftovers. I did add shredded zucchini and feel that the recipe could have used more salt and pepper. Great casserole for a chilly fall night. [The rest of the chicken was used for fajitas and sandwich meat the next night.]