Monday, March 7, 2016

"Middle Eastern" Chicken and Rice

Chicken, chicken and more chicken....trying to inventory/clean out our freezer and that's what on the horizon. We are trying to add more turmeric to our diet, and, although, I really need to start learning to cook with fresh, ground is okay for now. Using the keywords "chicken and turmeric" on pinterest, I found some amazing recipes (for later), but this one really caught my eye. I didn't end up marinating the chicken, but rather, mixed it in with the chicken and threw it right into the pan. While that was cooking, I added chicken broth, and the other spices to the rice cooker and it turned out beautifully (and I didn't have to use butter). Based on the last picture on the page, I kept the chicken thighs whole and added fresh tomatoes (and red onions). The (fat-free) yogurt sauce was the pièce de ré·sis·tance; regular, non-greek, plain worked just fine. This dish was finished in under 30 minutes but tasted like it took hours. Definitely a keeper.